Do you worry about your memory when you can’t find your car keys? Do you feel stressed and frustrated when you walk into a room and can’t remember why? Do you worry about your memory not being as sharp as it used to be?

As we age, the brain does change, but there are many actions you can take NOW to keep your mind sharp. This program will show you how!


What is the Maximizing Memory Program?

A 4-week Online Program with group discussion and webinars to help you maximize your memory and boost your brain health

Who is it for?

Anyone and everyone! We all want to to stay healthy and maintain good cognitive function, so whether you’re in your twenties, forties, sixties or eighties, you’ll learn simple steps and techniques to help build and maintain brain function.

When are the classes?

Each live class is held online on Thursdays at 12:00pm PST, but we’ll record every session so you have access to any that you can’t make in person.

September 19th -- Pre-program “Coffee- Chat”: answer questions, get to know each other

September 26th – Session 1: Memory & What You CAN Do

October 3rd – Session 2: The Food-Exercise-Memory Connection

October 10th – Session 3: The Stress-Sleep-Memory Connection

October 17th – Session 4: MIND Fitness

Missed a session? No problem! You’ll receive a recording of each session to listen at your convenience in the comfort of your home, and I’ll be available to answer questions via email throughout the course.

What will I learn?

The 5 Pillars of Brain Health to keep your memory sharp. These are the fundamental building blocks to brain health that we all need to know and implement in our daily lives.

Which foods to eat, how much and how often to maximize memory. Research based best practice on dietary intake and its impact on your memory, brain health and cognitive function.

Simple, practical tools and strategies to implement the 5 Pillars. The best of both worlds - real life advice from the experts, individually tailored to your unique needs.

Recipes to help you eat the brain-boosting foods you need daily. Nutritionist tested and approved, so that you know they are easy to find, prepare and taste great!

Still have questions? I’d be delighted to answer them, so please reach out to!